Disaster almost struck in Hawaii last week when local surfer McKenzie Clark was attacked by a 12ft tiger shark.

Clark was lifted into the air as the shark bit down on her board and her hand. Fortunately, Clark's friend and fellow surfer, Brian Wargo, heard her screams and paddled to her aid.

Wargo, probably the only person to ever wear a 'Bite Me' shirt and hat to a shark attack interview managed to reach her just in time.

Not wanting to waste any time, Wargo got straight down to business and proceeded to go 'fists of fury' on the shark. He mounted the shark, holding on to the dorsal fin before punching the shark until it backed off.

The pair then swam to shore and rushed to hospital. McKenzie received 20 stitches and a skin graft but was otherwise unharmed.

The incident marked the fourth tiger shark attack in the past 2 weeks. This is attributed to Hurricane Ana’s passing. Leaving opaque waters behind which are ideal a shark’s predatory setting.