The Cribbar in Cornwall is not a wave to be messed with. It's a reef break off Towan headland in Newquay.

It's also known as the 'Widow Maker' for, well, obvious reasons.

It's known as the 'Widow Maker'...

The Cribbar is world-renowned for creating some of the biggest waves in the UK every year - up to 30ft (9m) high.

This guy (video above) took the wave on yesterday, wiped out and was dragged onto the rocks.

The footage was captured by Oceanflow Yoga Studio who said the surfer was "lucky to come out alive" after washing up on the rocks.

That wasn't even the Cribbar at full height. Check out the epic session above when Ben Skinner and Ben Granata took on the wave back in 2010.

Legend has it surfer Ric Friar, Pete Russell, Johnny McElroy and Jack Lydgate were the first people to surf the wave back in 1966.