2013 was a year of surfers going bigger, surfing heavier waves and using Go-Pros in competition to give the world an insight into their world unlike any other before. With the advent of all this technology and the fact that every pro now has a film crew with them 24/7, it’s not surprising we’ve had so many big moments to choose from in the best of surfing 2013. [part title="Grom of the Year"]

The standards of groms worldwide has exploded, picking one standout is almost impossible. However one young’un has stood out due to his all-round ability. Jake Marshall comes from North San Diego, an area rich in classic beach breaks and heavy reefs. As well as this he is surrounded by top pros including Rob Machado and Josh Kerr. Jake has shone in the world of Under 16s surfing across the globe and with video clips like this combined with the fact he is surfing alongside World Title contenders doesn’t make it difficult to see why. [part title="Golden Oldie of the Year"] http://mpora.com/videos/AAdmzbci0dmw In 2013 Shane Dorian went from World Tour stalwart to big wave hero. While most of us would cruise into retirement looking forward to putting our feet up, Dorian proved he had plenty more to show the world before grabbing his pipe and slippers. And boy did he deliver. Dorian took up a rigorous training programme in order to tackle some of the biggest waves on earth. His most notable achievement of 2013 occurred on Peahi in Hawaii. Few big wave surfers would even contemplate paddling into this particular break which goes by the nickname of Jaws. But undeterred, Dorian paddled in to the monster wave and proved there is plenty of life in the old dog yet. [part title="The WTF Moment of the Year"]

John John Florence, has been the one to watch since he was just five years of age. And in 2013, he proved that all predictions were correct. Since he made the World Tour in 2011 he has blown us away. His most exciting performance to date came in June 2013 in Bali when Florence achieved the impossible – a perfect 10 for an Alley Oop. The sheer size and control displayed throughout the manoeuvre was beyond comprehension to even his fellow competitors and provided one of the most jaw dropping moments of the year. [part title="Worst Wipeout of the Year"]

In a world where big wave surfing just gets more and more mental, wipeouts naturally follow. Choosing the worst is a near impossible task. This one however from Hawaiian Koa Rothman brings wipeouts to the next level. The fact that he survived this is incredible, in fact everything about this wave is incredible from the ride to the barrel and thankfully the survival. [part title="Best in Competition"]

Every category is always open to conjecture, but not this one, yet many dispute the current world champ’s credentials after he won the world title with one controversial wave on the hooter at The Pipeline Masters. Truth is though, he won the World Title showing an impressive display of consistency throughout the year. Fanning placed in the quarter finals or better in all but one of the 10 championship tour events. [part title="Best Heat of the Year"]

This heat was all about the John John Florence v Kelly Slater matchup and it looked like it was going that way, but when Australian Josh Kerr got a 9.67 he threw himself in the mix. What followed was an astounding exchange with a total of six waves all in the nine point range. Then with a minute to go Kerr picked off a set wave and surfed it incredibly to nail his first ever perfect 10 and take out the heat. [part title="Biggest Move of the Year"]

John John Florence raised the bar with the WTF moment of the year in Bali. Julian Wilson answered back with an almost identical move in another contest in Portugal. Both were massive, check them out side by side and decide which is bigger. What is most amazing though, is that these two moves were not done under perfect free-surfing conditions, they were done in heats, on the World Tour. That makes both even bigger. [part title="Best Surfer not on Tour"]

Most would agree that Dane Reynolds is the best surfer in the world. The fact he isn’t into contests just makes his appeal even greater, but at the same time makes it harder to justify that tag. But Dane is a revolutionary of our time in surfing. He chooses to advance the sport not during contests, but in epic waves around home. He then posts well edited clips up online for the world to drool over. Every time a rumour of a new clip emerges the internet crashes the interest is so great, and they never fail to inspire. [part title="Best Full Movie of the Year"] http://vimeo.com/54660133

DONE Trailer from John John Florence on Vimeo.

It takes most surfers a couple of years to nail a solid signature movie, they need to put solid time in perfect waves to deliver. But this is not the case for John John Florence. He nailed a movie in half the time. With incredible cinematography and a combination of moves and barrels which few others could come close to, he is technically the best surfer in the world. And with the help of an incredible filmer and editor ’Done’ was produced, and take it from us, it is well worth a watch. [part title="Best Short of the Year"]

OK this is getting boring right? Wrong, John John had barely let the dust settle after the release of ‘Done’, then out came ‘Again’. A mind blowing short film which yet again pushed the bar within surfing even higher. Incredibly, a couple of months later he dropped another short which is arguably as good if not better. He may be the most hyped surfer on the planet, but he sure as hell lives up to his reputation. [part title="Best Go-Pro Use"]

Every surfer, especially pros, seem to have a Go-Pro on some form of mount 24/7, to a point where good clips are ten a penny and all getting a little standard. But every now and then a clip comes up which reminds us why Go-Pros are so damn good. This year there were three that stuck out, and this one of tube hound Mikala Jones was the pick of them all. Barrel rides don’t get much better, and the use and switching of angles mid barrel is ridiculous. [part title="Best Female Surfer - Carissa Moore "]

She won the World Title and became the youngest champ in women’s surfing history. Then she had that difficult second year, suddenly competitors had her sussed in heats and she finished way off the pace. But Moore proved she is more than another over-hyped youngster. She re-grouped, got consistent and worked her way to a second World Title, confirming herself as the best female surfer in the world at the moment. [part title="Best All Round Surfer of the Year"]

In a sport which is so youth orientated it is incredible that a forty something totally dominates. Kelly Slater has been the best all round surfer now for two decades, and despite the likes of John John Florence coming up through the ranks, he just seems to keep rising to the challenge. A disappointing second on the world tour, but an incredible Pipe Masters win has just fuelled the fire for him to go on, and you wouldn’t bet against him being best all round surfer for several years to come.