Photo: Keale Lemos

Big news from across the pond this weekend - surfer Aaron Gold paddled into one of the biggest waves ever at legendary big wave spot Jaws in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian caught the monster 60ft wave on Friday causing ripples across the surf world. Surfers are regularly towed into Jaws by a jetski, but paddling into a wave of this magnitude is another feat altogether.

Watch the footage below and see what you think.

It's been a good season for big waves at Jaws this year. Just last month Bethany Hamilton took on the beast, riding the wave with only one arm.

Is it the biggest wave ever paddled into? The critics are still in discission, but many are thinking it is at least one of the biggest.

Jamie Mitchell came close last month with his 58 foot wave at Mavericks. So far, Shawn Dollar is said to hold the world record for his 61 foot wave at Cortes Bank in 2012. Watch the footage below.