He began surfing with two of the most well-known legends in surfing - Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson - when they were barely teenagers. They became known as the "Coolie kids" as they hailed from the town of Coolangatta in Queensland, Australia.

While Mick and Parko were dominating the WCT, Dean Morrison won the Quiksilver Pro in 2003 - but after that he quickly slipped from the top spot and never quite found his place there again.

Still, Dean is hardly your average surfer. He's now left the world of competition surfing behind, turning his focus to chasing some of the world's biggest waves - like this one here.

With Mark Mathews and Ryan Hipwood, Dean travels to a reef located six hours south-east of Perth in Western Australia to catch the wave of his life.

Watch as he rides possibly the best swell to hit that reef in three years!