Now, it's not that we didn't pay attention in Geography class at school (although we didn't, which we now accept is neither big or clever - much like Kieron Dyer) but until we saw this wakeskate edit, we'd never heard of the Cleopatra Pool in Hierapolis.

We hadn't even heard of the Turkish region of Denizli where it is. In fact, you'd have asked us what Denizli was, our best guess would have been that it's what Kerry Katona has called this weeks newborn.

But, by jingo, we're glad that wakeskate superstar Brian "Honest Love, It's Bigger Than A" Grubb has introduced us to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in his latest edit.

The crystal clear water of the Cleopatra Pool, framed by ancient ruins, and lit by golden sunlight look absolutely spectacular. So much so, you almost forget about the Grubbster and pals ripping around the pool.

If you're watching, concerned that Brian and the gang have been trashing historic artifacts with their wakeskates, fear not. The folk behind the video took every care to ensure all genuine ruins were perfectly preserved, and only look-a-like features were actually used when they boys wanted to do McFlippensteins and switch Cantonas across them.

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