Yep, the electric wakeboard is about to become a reality. But what about a wakeboard that floats on air?

Introducing the WingBoard. It's a board that surfs on air, while being towed behind a plane on a 10ft rope, inspired by the 90s cartoon TailSpin.

OK, so it hasn't been fully made yet. They've only built a 1/6 scale model from rubber and dragged it along behind a plane so far. It's still in the Kickstarter prototype stages, but the inventor Aaron Wypyszynski reckons it'll be the next big action sport.

We've already seen guys jump out of planes in kayaks or strapped to snowboards, but this is supposedly a cruising experience on air.

What do you reckon? Dumb idea or actually pretty cool? You can follow the Kickstarter project here.

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