We've seen some pretty impressive photobombs in our time, but this one definitely takes first place.

Not only is this photo perfectly timed, it also happens to be with one of the most majestic creatures on the planet.

Hippos, emus, bears and many other animals have tried to get in on people's photos in the past, but none are quite as impressive as this humpback whale's selfie attempt.


Traveller Will Rosner took the awesome photo with a 15 meter humpback whale this week, while diving around Tonga with his friends.

The 24 year-old Australian has been travelling the world for the last 18 months, documenting his experiences as he goes.

Since he posted the photo, the internet has gone crazy for it, retweeting and resharing the pic all over social media.


Rosner says that the whale stayed and played with his group for nearly six yours, even picking him up on his tail at one point.

Humpback whales are mighty creatures, so we're feeling happy that Rosner and his friends kept in the whales good favours and swam away unharmed.

Most of all though, we're just super jealous of their playdate...

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