From land, Angelita looks like any an ordinary swimming hole. Based in Yucatan In Mexico, with it's beautiful underwater scenery and depth, it's a location on many diver's bucket lists.

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When professional diving photographer Anatoly Beloshchin travelled to the swimming hole for a shoot however, he discovered an incredible secret hiding in the depths.

Complete with banks, snags and fallen leaves on it's bank, this swimming hole has it's own river, flowing over 60 metres below the surface....


The truth behind these photos is even more interesting than the photos themselves.

Complete with banks, snags and fallen leaves on it’s bank, this swimming hole has it’s own river

Sea water which is rich in hydrogen sulfide is much heavier than ordinary water. Because of this, it sinks down and forms a second layer of water in the shape of a stream.

While the effect isn't technically a real underwater river, it's the closest you'll ever see to one.  You can dive into the second river from the first, sit next to it on the bank or follow the it's route the rough swimming hole.


Check out the video of Anatoly Beloshchin below, and visit his website to see more incredible photos of the underwater phenomenon.

If you want to see the river for yourself, you can still dive in this exact cenote, or many others like it.

We're definitely adding it to our list of places to visit on planet Earth!


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