sandwich bag

Travelling can be quite stressful at times. You know, the bits between the sunny beaches, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and taking in sunshine up giant mountains.

It doesn't have to be that way though. Let's face it - the main three reasons travelling can become a bit of a nuisance are other people around you being stressed out their minds, worrying about stuff you've forgotten or your oversized luggage causing you all sorts of problems.

Here are a few ways to put that holiday smile on your face from as soon as you leave your front door...

1) Shoe Shine

Shoes in showe cap

Use a hotel showercap to pack your shoes, stopping the rest of your clothes getting dirty.

2) Secret Stash

keep money in old tube

Keep some money concealed in an old lib balm tube in case you get robbed! Also, don't get robbed!

3) Sunglasses Cinema

sunglasses phone stand

Use your sunglasses to make an epic home cinema on the train or plane or inside your automobile!

4) Sandwich Bag Cinema

sandwich bag

...Or better yet, use a sandwich bag and secure it to the seat in front of you!

5) Smart Packing

Clothes bundle

Follow the picture above to turn your socks into an epic pack hack.

6) Get To Grips With Queues


If there aren't a lot of folk on your flight, let them all queue and board first - what's the rush? Your seat is booked anyway!

If it's a packed out flight though, get on their early or there won't be any space left in your overhead locker.

7) Smart Booking


Book your flights during the week if possible. It's a lot cheaper!

8) InPrivate Browser - It's Not Just For Porn!

travel hacks

Sometimes flight companies push the price up if they see you've been looking at flights, so clear your cache before booking or use inPrivate browser when you're looking at flights. It's not just for porn!

9) Soap Steal


Chuck a wrapped up hotel bar of soap in your dirty laundry, therefore making it slightly less... pungent!

10) Google Maps Offline!

mpora save

Before leaving your wifi zone, in a hotel or in your house, zoom in on a map you're going to need for travelling, them type 'ok maps' into the search bar. This will then save the map for offline viewing!

Mind blown? Yup. And ten points for anyone who can recognise this map...

11) Adapter Frustration

Forgotten your adapter? Ask at hotel reception and there's a good chance they'll have one.

12) Extend Adapter Use


Bring one of these bad boys from your home country, and then one adapter becomes five times as useful!

13) USB Ports

many electrical appliances pluged in surge protector. Power cons

If you are absolutely out of luck with adapters though, there may well be a USB port on the back of your TV where you can plug phones directly in. A last resort winner, this one.

14) Water Bottles


Bring an empty water bottle to the airport and fill it up when you're through security. Save some cash!

15) Suitcase Inception

Travel Bag

If you've got a large carry-on bag, put a smaller rucksack inside it and bring that out when on the plane, storing the larger back in the overhead locker.

16) The Fake Fragile


Even if your bag isn't fragile, mark it as such and people handling it will take more care. It'll also probably end up on top of the other bags and be the first one out at your destination!

17) Choice Clothing

Hiking Boots

Wear your heaviest, bulkiest clothes on the plane. It's cold up there and this frees up backage space and weight.

18) Free Upgrade!

Let's get the spa day started!

If you arrive at your hotel after about 5pm, most rooms will have been cleared by those leaving, and if you ask for a free upgrade on your room, there's a good chance they'll say yes. Trust us!

19) Silence Moaners


If someone next to you is talking too much, put in headphones or hit them on the nose with an in-flight menu!

20) Alcohol Miniatures


You're actually allowed to bring these on the plane. Why not bring 20, a speaker and a confetti cannon to get the party started?!

21) Free Food


Instead of spending lots on airport food, why not steal it, or eat other traveller's left overs out of a bin?!

22) Snakes on a Plane


If bored on board, explain the plot of Snakes on a Plane to your neighbour, and ask how likely he thinks it that you too will meet Samuel L. Jackon on your journey.

23) Okay, Maybe Ignore Those Last Few

Security Visible At Nations Airports Prior To 4th Of July Celebrations

Sorry. That got a bit out of hand. We need a rest now.