When you're travelling around the globe, it's handy to keep track of where you've been and where you're going.

Most travelers take a biro to their pocket map, but this guy has decided to take it a little further.

51 year old travel enthusiast, Bill Passman, has tattooed the word map on his back and is colouring in every country he visits on his travels....

Passman was working as a lawyer in Louisiana until his 51st birthday, when he decided to call it a day with the daily grind and go explore the world.

Since his first first trip out to Tanzania, he's now visited all seven continents and has no intention to stop adventuring anytime soon.

With every country he visits, he adds another colour to the map across his back.

Extreme? Yes. Rad? Definitely...


“I got the tattoo as a way to show my passion for travel," says Passman.

“It’s a permanent reminder of all the amazing places I’ve visited."

What a dude! If there'as a better reason to get inked, we can't think of one...