People don't seem to be quite as scared by snakes these days as they once were, and we're not entirely sure why that might be.

So, we thought we'd do a bit of PR work for the species by showing just how far they'll go to get a good meal under their belt, and hopefully boost their street cred back up in the process.

From cows and crocodiles to golf balls and electric blankets, there's very little a snake won't take on when it's feeling peckish...


pregnant sheep national geo

...Because a regular sheep just isn't quite enough for some.


Safe to say, this didn't end well for the snake.

kangaroo Pravina de Beer NT News

Or to be more specific, a very, very slow baby kangaroo. Poor thing.


So weird...


Those days when you're so hungry you could eat an, err, impala. That's the saying, right?

golf balls

Rumour has it he was sixteen over par going into the fifth and just wanted to destroy the evidence.

goat barcroft india

You've goat to be hungry to try this. Sorry.

electric blanket

Like you haven't thought about it on a cold winters night...

MOUNT ISA, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 02: A python swallows the tail of the crocodile at Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa on March 02, 2014 in Queensland, Australia.  A SNAKE fought, wrestled and then ate a crocodile whole following a dramatic five-hour long battle.

The look in those tiny, beady eyes should give you nightmares.


The snake really milked this one for all it was worth.


Paul Rosolie, the man who claimed he was going to get eaten by a snake, then decided last minute it was a terrible, terrible idea.

nor this guy

He had had it with those motherf*cking snakes on that motherf*cking plane. Maybe he even ate them afterwards.

BBQ Tongs Photo Greg Koenig Twitter

There were no burgers left.

Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation Chihuahua

Straight out of a pink handbag. It was getting on his nerves.


The more you think about how this is possible, the less likely you are to sleep at night.


Metal Gear Solid reference anyone? Snake eating a snake? Anyone? No. Okay.

a second snake

...And it looks like he's enjoying it as well. Snakes are weird.