Let's be honest, a good holiday selfie takes work.

Those off-the-cuff smiling action shots you see on Instagram are probably the result of many blurry eyed, failed attempts and good lighting.

Photogenic traveler Allan Dixon however, finds the art of the selfie so easy that he's starting to include wild animals into his holiday snaps to jazz them up a bit.

His awesome ability to capture animal's happy moments, is gaining him the name of the real life Dr. Doolittle.


Allan, who has recently traveled to Canada, Iceland, Norway, across Asia and to Australia, found his online following start to grow after he started posting selfies with new friends from the animal kingdom.

"People's reactions to these photos were rising exponentially - after three photos, it was a given I should continue the trend." says Dillon.

"Anticipation crept into my social network as to what animal could possibly be next, with what expression?'

"I've been labelled as Dr. Doolittle all over the news, It's been mad."


'I feel a great joy in their presence, so much that I want to share this feeling with my friends" says Dillon.

"Trying to capture photos that highlight how happy animals are along with the feelings they bring."

From the look of these snaps, we think he's succeeding!