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26 Pictures Of Lemurs That Will Make Your Forget Your Worldly Troubles

These Madagascan primates can mend the most shattered of hearts

Some days, the world can get you down. It can feel like one plate full of shit after the next.  Hell, if you’ve glimpsed at the news on virtually any day in 2016, you’ll have literally begged gods you didn’t previously believe in to send a plague of crows down to peck your eyes out.

Even avuncular naturalist and genuine national treasure David Attenborough is calling, albeit with a kindly chuckle, for presidential assassinations, which is arguably the greatest marker of quite how bad things seem right now.

But fear not, dear reader. Can we make all of your worldly troubles go away? Do we have all the answers? Have we discovered a panacea that will fill your wallet, feed the children, and make humanity love one-another? Can we bring David Bowie – seemingly the glue that held all normality together – back to life?

No. No we can not. But we do have 26 pictures of impossibly cute Lemurs. So sit back, ignore the flames, and let these wonderful primates work their magic.

You. Are. Welcome.

Does it look like this Crowned Lemur is judging you? That’s because he is. He’s seen your search history. He knows.

This is the Lemur equivalent of Hugh grant throwing a Tupperware box full of baked beans at the paparazzi

Out and about, loud and proud, lads

Don’t pretend that this isn’t adorable

Straight Outta Madagascar. This is the cutest NWA tribute act ever.

In the Bamboo Lemur world, this is the equivalent of goth girls with novelty Yoda backpacks.

That look when, halfway through a conversation, you suddenly remember the name of the person you’re speaking to

The vacant stare of a hungover Lemur eating anything he can get his hands on

“When I finally landed it, it was this big. Biggest carp I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, ‘course it was Dave.”

When you check your phone and see the drunk texts to your ex

If this was your Tinder profile, you’d instantly be a hard right

It looks like this Bamboo Lemur has his tongue out. It turns out it’s just a spot on his chin, the grubby little oink.

The hope in his eyes. Do you remember that hope?

The sadness in his eyes. You definitely know the sadness

How you see this fella depends on whether you think he’s listening to (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay by Ottis Reading or Karma Police by Radiohead. Try humming either and prepare to smile or cry uncontrolably

A Ring Tailed Lemur recreating the harrowing Gomer Pyle toilet scene from Kubrick’s anti-war masterpiece Full Metal Jacket

The unmistakeable feeling of loss when you come pack from the toilet to realise one of your mates has given your seat away in the pub

Admit it, you want to stroke the screen, don’t you. It’s fine, people will think you’re swiping some app or something. Stroke away

You think this is cute, but if the man in the smelly jumper sat next to you on the bus started doing this, you’d be terrified

When you hate Hollyoaks, but you’re too hung over to find the remote so just accept it. In short, every Sunday morning

“Looks like rain.”

“I told you not to put the washing out. The foreca…”

“Don’t start.”

When the person serving you at the checkout in Sainsbury’s is the same person you drunkenly took home after a night in Crazy Pedro’s the week before

This Ring Tailed Lemur is certain he’s Joe Pesci, mugging around in some otherwise good mobster film or other

Drink. Sometimes it’s the only thing to do

A Red Ruffed Lemur, being played here by former leader of the Labour party, Neil Kinnock

You don’t make friends with salad

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