A rattle snake next isn't a fun place to be - Photo: YouTube

Here are Mpora, we've always prided ourselves on being one up on Indiana Jones. Granted, the fictional adventurer/doctor/archaeologist/heartthrob/Han Solo look-a-like may have got up to all kinds of adventures that would have turned our hair grey but, unlike Indy, we've never had a problem with snakes.

And then we saw this video...

This dude was out, arsing around with a GoPro on the end of a, presumably, very long POV pole when he stumbled across a nest of rattlesnakes.

The sound alone managed to make our skin crawl. Seriously, if you have even the mildest snake phobia, you may want to give this one a wide birth. And don't forget to check under your bed tonight. You never know where these rattlers get...

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