For a long time now, the relationship between man and bear has been riddled with contradictions. We put them in our cartoons, take them into ours bed (as cuddly toys, that is), and lose our shit whenever we bump into one. Laughter, comfort, fear; bears provoke a multiverse of emotions in all of us.

Our fascination with bears, in all their various forms, shows little sign of abating anytime soon. Of course videos like this one, of a Swedish man digging deep for his courage and scaring away a charging bear in the woods, will surely only add fuel to the bear-fascination-fire.

Photo: YouTube.

Not that we're keeping score but, if we were, we reckon this one definitely counts as a win for the human race. The way the man unleashes his inner viking on the bear, and sends it scurrying back into the shadows, is truly a sight to behold.

If we were to break it down on a play-by-play basis, we'd say the man does a wicked impression of a squawking peacock. We're not sure if the bear has access to 4G, but if he does get the chance to watch this footage back he's going to feel like a right silly sausage.

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