Unless you were holidaying in another galaxy last month, you'll have heard about the slaughter of Cecil the Lion by Dr Walter J Palme - the worlds least popular dentist.

The incident, where the American dentist paid £35,000 for poachers to lure Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous and much loved lion, out of a national park where he killed it for fun, caused an media shit-storm so big that it could be seen from Uranus.

Now, American fancy dress company have created an outfit seemingly mocking the event.

It features a blood splattered white dentists smock emblazoned with the words "Dr Driller Killer - agonising pain guaranteed" and comes complete with the fake head of a lion.


Early reports suggest that the bad taste halloween costume hadn't made any sales. However, the company's website now has a message saying 'Due to popular demand the price of the costume had been raised to $99.99." (about £64.50).

Aware of the outrage that the hideous outfit will create, the company have tried to mitigate the bad PR they'll get by reportedly donating 15 per cent of all proceeds to African Wildlife Foundation’s Justice For Cecil crowd funding site.

Here at Mpora we think that, rather than helping anybody profit out of the needless, abject slaughter of animals like Cecil, if you do have a bit of your hard earned going spare, just whack it into he AWF's fundraiser and help protect lions and other animals in the future.

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