Screengrab: YouTube

We don't really think of fish as being all that special do we. When struggling for something to talk about on a blind date that's going to shit far too quickly and you ask "What are our top three animals?" nobody ever includes fish. And if they do, they're weird. Run. Try the old window-in-the-bathroom thing. Text book.

Where were we? Ah yes, fish. Unremarkable, aren't' they?

We thought so, until we saw this amazing drone footage, shot over Bondi Beach, Australia. It shows a huge school of fish being hunted by one of their natural predators: a seal.

It's well documented that groups of fish form large, compact balls in the water in a bid to protect themselves from seals and other predators. However, we've never seen this before: the fish forming the shape of a massive seal - the very animal that's trying to eat them.

We have no idea how they do it, but given we aren't even organised enough to eat breakfast, it's pretty staggering to think these scaly sea wizards can get this done.

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