We don't mean to concern you, but Armadillo gun crime is on the increase.

Reported incidents of Armadillos - part of the Dasypodidae crime family - shooting people have risen 100 per cent in 2015, from one to two.

The shooting occurred in Marietta south of Texarkana, Texas. Reports suggest that a local man woke up at 3am last Thursday, peered out of his window and see one of the hard-shelled swines at the bottom of his garden.

Local country sherrif Larry Rowe confirmed that with "his wife was in the house [the man] went outside and took his .38 revolver and shot three times at the armadillo."

Photo: iStock

At least one of the bullets hit the armadillo, ricocheting off its hard, leathery shell and back towards the shooter.

The stray round hit the man in jaw, causing him to have to be air lifted to a local hospital where he was successfully treated for the gunshot wound.

This incident follows the news we brought you earlier in the year that Larry McElroy from Lee County, Georgia shot at an Armadillo only for the bullet to, once again, ricochet off the animals hardshell.

In this incident, however, it was the originals shoots mother in law that took the brunt of the harm - a bullet to the back. Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt, and recovered fully. Rumours that McElroy and the Armadillo had met in a darkened bar and exchanged money several night prior to the incident are entirely fictional.

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