What would you do if you saw a huge black bear in trouble? Help or run away?

When Adam Warwick saw this bear fall under the water in the Gulf of Mexico, he didn't think twice.

Jumping into the water, he set out to dive under the water and pull the bear up and back to safety!


The bear, which had been roaming around in a nearby garage, had been shot with a sedative a few minutes earlier and had hazily made its way down to the beach.

"He reared up on his hind legs like you'd see in a movie, just out of the water, and he fell straight back — just a huge splash" Warwick told WCTV in an interview.

The bear, which could have easily killed a human in its normal state, lost control of its muscles when in the water.


Grabbing the animal by the back of its neck, Warwick pulled it back to the shore, where it passed out.

Amazingly, both the man and the bear came out of the experience without injury!

A tractor was called to the shore to help retrieve the animal and move him to safety.


The bear was left to sober up and feel a little silly, before being released to Osceola National Forest