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Who'd win in a straight fight between a snake and a rabbit? Easy question right? Wrong.

This incredible video shows the moment when a mother rabbit jumped in to save her baby from a snake that had invaded her nest.

Not only does she force the serpent to release the young bunny, she then proceeds to give it a damn good hiding - chasing it and continuing to kick the shit out of it, Bruce Lee style, even when it's clearly given up and is trying to slither away.

It's one hell of a display of bravery...

It's one hell of a display of bravery from the mother - the kind of thing you'd usually expect from a Tigress not a fluffy little bunny.

But then perhaps it's not surprising. Watch the start of the video carefully again and you'll see that while the mother arrives just in time to save one of her brood, she's two late to save the second baby...

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