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Three major US Airlines have made a stand against Big Game hunting by announcing that they will no longer transport so called hunting 'trophies'.

Delta Airlines led the way, announcing that they would no longer accept lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo carcasses onboard flights. American Airlines and United Airlines quickly followed suit.

The decision has come in the wake of the news that US dentist Dr Walter J Palmer murdered the most famous lion in Zimbabwe, known by locals as Cecil.

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Critics have suggested that the move by the airlines is nothing more than symbolic, as American Airlines only has one weekly flight to and from Africa, and United state that they have no record of any animal cargo of the kind they're banning ever being carried by them.

However, symbolic or not, we fully approve the stance taken by the airlines, as it casts further criticism on the unpleasant world of murdering animals in the name of sport.

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