Screen Shot: YouTube (Caters TV).

Have you ever walked into your bathroom, in a semi-conscious sleep-deprived state, and thought there was another person in the room? Come on. Don't pretend it hasn't happened to you, it's happened to literally everyone.

You've jumped out of your skin, thrown your arms up in surprise, and squawked in panic like a chicken that's just been picked up by it's legs. Your heart rate has gone through the roof, you've braced yourself for death, and then you've turned your head to one side and realised you're face-to-face with your own reflection.

You silly bean, that "other person" was just you/the version of you that got trapped in the mirror world and watches your every move...while you sleep.

This video of wild animals dicking around with a mirror is one of our new favourite videos. We particularly enjoy the moment when the gorilla first charges at his own reflection. It's like the bit in Taxi Driver where De Niro repeatedly says to his mirrored-equivalent: "Are you talkin' to me?" It's a bit like that, but with extra spoonfuls of intensely territorial gorilla.

The brainchild of French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre, the project involved a giant mirror being set up in several locations across Gabon. Xavier, a man with one of the world's coolest first names, and his wife attached camera traps to nearby trees, sat back comfortably, and then watched in amazement as the awesome footage came flooding in.

Their aim was simple; to document the amusing reactions of wild animals when they're confronted with the alien-concept of their own reflection. In fairness to Xavier and his wife, we reckon they've definitely achieved what they set out to achieve.

This is one seriously entertaining slice of wildlife footage.

Screen Shot: YouTube (Caters TV).

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