Sea Lion Sun Lounger Thug Life Chilling

Sea Lion Sun Lounger Thug Life Chilling

If you've ever been on a beach holiday, you'll know that grabbing a sun lounger can be a pretty competitive state of affairs. It's all about who wants it more, about who's willing to wake up at 5:30am to claim the ultimate spot.

British mums will spend hours telling you of that time when they woke up before bedtime, ran down to the beach with the family's towel collection, wrestled a pregnant German lady to the ground, and emerged triumphant in the daily struggle for sun lounger supremacy.

This sea lion, in hilarious footage uploaded to Facebook by Belgian Paul van Loock, hasn't got time to be competing for sun loungers. This sea lion is way too chilled out for such shenanigans. This sea lion is truly an inspiration on how best to maximise your downtime. This amazing sea lion just became a hero to all of humanity.

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