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8 Famous(ish) People That You Did Or Didn't Know Did Action Sports

Jenson Button on a BMX, Jack Johnson surfing and more famous(ish) people with sport crossovers you may not know about

The Selfridges Skatepark is Nearly Here

Daryl Dominguez skates the capital in this second teaser.

Incredible Footage of Three Guys BASE Jumping Off One World Trade Centre

These daredevils made history jumping from the tallest building in America!

10 Countries With Fast Growing Skate Scenes

These skate scenes may be very small, but they are the ones so watch.

7 Edits From The Past 7 Days That Knock It Out The Park

Floating halfpipes, drones and the return of Terje!

The Best First Tweets of the World's Best Surfers

The biggest names in surfing dip their toes in the twitter water.

Diver Captures Duel With Shark on his GoPro

Jason Dmitri took on a Reef Shark with only a small spear.

Levi Sherwood Wins the First Stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2014 Tour in Mexico City

New Zealand rider takes top spot in front of sell out crowd in Mexico City.

7 Gnarly Edits from the Past 7 Days

Vomit, mega waves and incredible backcountry exploration.

Is this the Sketchiest Couloir Ever Skied?

Two intrepid Frenchmen tackling the Chorum Olympique

10 Great Places to Snowboard on a Budget

Cheap destinations for a wicked snowboarding holiday.

Gabriel Medina Pulls Off a Shock Win at 2014 Gold Coast Quiksilver Pro beating Joel Parkinson

Young Brazilian knocks out local favourite, Joel Parkinson, with last minute charge.

Steph Gilmore Defeats Bianca Buitendag to Win the 2014 Gold Coast Roxy Pro

Gilmore claimed her fifth Roxy Pro title having defeated Carissa Moore in the semi-final.

Women's Roxy Pro Quarter Finals Set Up Heavyweight Semis

Lakey Peterson caused a big upset, while the semi's will see the world champions of past and present meeting!

LIVE: The Freeride World Tour Returns in Snowbird!

The Gnarliest Off-Piste contest in the world is back!

Hoverboards are Here at Last!

Tony Hawks Test Driving Back to the Future Hover Boards

Seven Jawdropping Edits From The Past Seven Days

Dodging dogs, perfect barrels and incredible pow!