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Where To Buy A Surfboard | Buying A Second-Hand Surfboard

Cheap second-hand surfboards in good condition aren't too find - in fact second-hand surfboards generally represent excellent value

Where To Buy A Surfboard | Buying A New Surfboard Off-The-Rack

Best place to buy a surfboard? If you want a new surfboard and you want it right now, an off-the-rack surfboard is your best bet

Where To Buy A Surfboard | Ordering A Custom Surfboard

The pros and cons of buying a custom surfboard from a surfboard shaper

Surfing Boardshorts | 7 Of The Best Boardshorts For Surfing

Reviews of seven pairs of surfing boardshorts, from high-end, rash-free technical boardshorts to classic designs bridging style and functionality

A Guide To Boardshorts For Surfing

What makes a pair of boardshorts good for surfing? Lightweight materials, minimalist design, and a fast-drying, stretchy fabric will maximise comfort and keep boardshort rash to a minimum

Surf Backpacks & Wetsuit Bags | 5 Of The Best Surf Bags

Reviews of the best surf backpacks on the market, featuring wet/dry bags that can carry your wet wetsuit and everyday belongings at the same time

The Best Surfboard Bags | Socks, Day Bags, Travel Bags & Coffins

Taking your surfboard on a plane? Or just tired of surf wax getting on your car seats? Protect your surfboards with these surfboard covers and travel bags

Custom Surfboards In The UK | 15 Of Britain's Best Surfboard Shapers

Hankering after a custom surfboard lovingly crafted by a local shaper? Say hello to these 15 foam gurus

Learn To Surf In Cornwall | 10 Of Cornwall's Best Surf Schools

Looking for surf lessons in Cornwall? Here are 10 of best places to learn to surf in the People's Republic of Kernow

Surfing Accessories | 6 Thoroughly Life-Changing Surfing Inventions

Need to buy a christmas present for a surfer? Currently going through a mid-life crisis? Here are 6 revolutionary surfing accessories

Surf Films | The 5 Best Films About Surfing

Arguably the 5 most successful marriages of surfing and cinema, these surf films are essential viewing for all surfers

Ultimate Renegades | Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew & The Invention of Professional Surfing

How a cocky Australian laid the groundwork for today's professional surfing scene

Ultimate Renegades | Tom Curren & The Strange Story of The Greatest Surf Photo Ever

The enigmatic tale of the maverick behind one of surfing's greatest moments

Safe Surfing Tips | 13 Tips For Staying Safe In The Surf

Learning to surf? Here are 13 easy ways to minimise the chances of disfigurement/life-threatening injury/drowning etc.

Surfing in the UK | The Best Places To Learn To Surf & Go Surfing

There's more to UK surfing than Cornwall... although yes, Cornwall's a good place to start. Learn to surf in the UK with this introduction to eight of its best surfing regions

Rip Currents, Riptides & Longshore Drift For Surfers

How rip currents work, why they're not riptides, and what you should do if you get caught in one

Surf Snowdonia & Surfing Wave Pools In The UK

The age of the wave pool is upon us! Learn to surf or fine-tune your repertoire with the help of this brief guide to manmade waves in the UK

Safe Surfing Equipment | Basic Surfboard Safety

Keep your feet, face and family jewels safe with these simple tips for a safer surfboard and a safer line-up

Safe Surfing | A Guide To Surf Safety & Surfing Dangers

How to stay safe when you're out in the surf, and the dangers you should be looking out for

Surf Safety Equipment | Surf Helmets, Earplugs & Reef Boots

Protect your brain cells from obliteration, your ears from abnormal bone growths, your feet from ravenous live coral