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Dan Milner


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Blowing in the Wind | Riding the Remote Mountain Bike Trails of Chilean Patagonia

We head to the renowned Torres del Paine to take on trails untouched by the tourist boom

Mountain Biking in Elba | Riding Excellent Trails on Napoleon's Exiled Home

I doubt whether Napoleon’s conquest of Europe came from a travel itch so much as megalomaniac tendencies. But like me, with a continent at his feet, he rarely found peace

Mountain Biking in Gran Canaria | Riding A Challenging Ultramarathon Course On Bikes

"The valley spreads out below us… looking like an almighty game of Jenga gone wrong."

Mountain Biking in Nepal | The Story of the Local Kid Who's Humbling Europe’s Best Riders

Meet RJ: The young Nepalese mountain biker with lungs from another dimension

Mountain Biking in Argentina | We Followed a Forgotten Railway Line Into the Desert

No singletrack, no switchbacks, no chairlifts… just a metre-wide old line disappearing over the horizon

Mountain Biking in Ethiopia | Adventure Cycling in the Cradle of Civilisation

"Breaking a leg here could mean a bumpy ride out on the back of a mule…"