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Jade Bremner


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The Groundswell Program | How Surfing Is Helping Survivors Of Horrific Sexual Trauma

In the wake of the #MeToo campaign one Californian organisation is using surfing to treat victims of sexual assault

Surfing in the Vietnam War | How Catching Waves Saved These Soldiers

California Surf Museum’s new exhibition is dedicated to the surfer-soldiers that caught waves moments from the battlefield, and teaches how surfing can heal both physically and mentally

Meet Martin Strel | The Endurance Swimmer Who Goes For Days Without Stopping

This Slovenian swimmer has tackled pirates and swum through piranha-infested waters but this is his most dangerous and important journey yet…

Surfing in Lebanon | We Look Behind The Scenes At Beirut’s Embryonic Surf Culture

And find some of the happiest and friendliest surfers you'll ever meet…