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James Smurthwaite


James Smurthwaite's articles

Audi Nines | Adolf Silva Becomes First Rider To Land The Cali Roll On A Downhill Bike

"Californiaaaaaaa, Californiaaaaaaa. Here we cooooooooooooooooome"

Keep It Clean | Why You Should Wash Your Mountain Bike After Every Ride

If you're not keeping your mountain bike clean, you're damaging it. Here's why...

Gallery | Whipping Up A Storm At Crankworx Les Gets

A seriously rad Crankworx Les Gets whip off gallery for you to enjoy.

Ultimate Renegades | Meet the Man who Makes Mountain Biking's Biggest Jumps

An exclusive interview with Nico Vink, a man who doesn't do things by halves

Ultimate Renegades | Shaun Palmer and <em>That</em> Magazine Cover

The story behind one of the most iconic mountain bike images of all time