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The War on Sand | Why You Should Wash Your Surf Kit Regularly

Sand and salt are all good, but they can seriously damage your surf kit

Nazaré Made History This Week And I Was There

World's best big wave chargers cop savage beatings in Portugal

Need A Ride To The Beach? | Better Hitchhiking In 7 Simple Steps

Arrive at the shred un-murdered... and with some fascinating stories to tell!

Opinion | Wavepools Are Anti-Surfing

Huey, get your hat and coat

It's All Lies | Six (Semi) Surfie Health Food Hoaxes

Just something fun to think about next time you're standing in line to spunk 9 bucks on a bowl of purple lies

6 Must-Do Winter Surf Trips

Jack Frost running a sinister icy finger up your inside leg?

7 Surfing Eco-Warriors To Follow on Instagram

Shred folk fighting the good fight... one square photo at a time

How To Save The Planet In 7 (Semi) Surf Related Steps

Ride bikes eat lentils read the label and above all... wear a sheath