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Sam Haddad


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Wolves, Waves and Wild Weather | How Cold Water Surfing Revolutionised Vancouver Island

We travelled to Canada’s west coast in winter and discovered a pine tree paradise

Swede Life | Why Stockholm Summers Are A Dream Come True For Outdoor Lovers

Sweden's capital might just be the most tuned-into-nature city in Europe and, quite possibly, the world

Scott Jurek Interview | We Talk Veganism With the Most Famous Ultra Runner in the World

Jurek ran the 2189-mile Appalachian Trail in a record time... powered only by plants

Under My Skin | Meet The People Hacking Into Their Bodies To Change The Way They Feel

Liviu Babitz has a device built into his chest that vibrates whenever he faces north

Camping with Kids in Winter | A South Downs Bothy Adventure

Two mothers, five kids, and a lot of mist. What could possibly go wrong?

RNLI, Sea Lifesavers | Adventure-gram

The social side of saving lives at sea

Chris Burkard's Best Photographs | My Life In Pictures

"Hard work, persistence, and having passion for what I do has taken me a long way"

Sarah Meurle's Best Photographs | My Life In Pictures

The Swedish skater and photographer talks us through her five favourite pictures

Frode Sandbech's Best Photographs | My Life In Pictures

The master snowboard chronicler chats skipping school and his five favourite ever shots

Into the Blue | We Went on a Wild Swimming Adventure in Stormy Seas Around Devon

"There’s something romantic and Famous Five-like about the thought of swimming round an island."

Ryan Tatar's Best Photographs | My Life In Pictures

The analogue chronicler of Californian surf vibes on his favourite five pictures

Pine Pins, Van Lifers | Adventure-gram

Beyond the cliche of scantily-clad Californian road trippers

Stand Up Paddling on the South Coast | We Went on a SUP Yacht Adventure

Getting a new view on the British Outdoors from a stand up paddle board

Mountaineering for Beginners | How to Swap the Stresses of the City for a Life in the Mountains

Could a climbing skills course - even one including a scary incident in a crevasse - actually help with the stresses of modern life?

Martijn Doolaard’s Best Photographs | My Life In Pictures

The cycle-touring adventurer on the best five pictures he’s ever taken

Stephanie Gilmore, Surfer | Adventure-gram

Why the Aussie wave rider is the ultimate soul surfer