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Yashi Banymadhub


Yashi Banymadhub's articles

Mind Games | How Scary Action Sports Are Good For Your Mental Health

New research into the psychology of action sports suggests that it's not all about thrill-seeking...

Eco Warriors | What Surf Brands Should You Buy To Help The Environment?

From bikinis made from bottles, to boardshorts made from coconuts....

Did You Know That A Surfer's Carbon Footprint Is 50 Per Cent Greater Than The Average Person's?

Surfers’ habit of searching for the world's best waves means that they are emitting far more CO2 than most...

5 Bizarre Yoga Classes You Definitely Need To Try

Did you know you can now do dog yoga and anti-gravity yoga?

5 Energy-Boosting Yoga Poses To Kick Your Ass Into Gear This Winter

Sick of the short dark days already? These yoga poses will help you beat the winter blues