The Basic BMX Tricks… And How to Master Them

A beginner's guide to the basic BMX tricks you need to know

So, you’ve bought your first BMX bike, learned the short history of BMX, laughed at the BMX fails online and found some great local BMX spots as well – it’s time to learn the basic BMX tricks and how to master them.

Unfortunately, what that means is that the hard work hasn’t even started yet. See, even the basic tricks can be difficult to master on BMX bikes. All in all, it’s probably safe to say that the basic BMX tricks aren’t actually all that basic. Though with a bit of hard work and determination, anything is possible!

Still, no amount of reading about the history of our saviour Mat Hoffman or watching Kriss Kyle’s Kaleidoscope can improve your talent. You’re going to have to get out there and try these yourself, take a few tumbles and look like a bit of a jester before you get them down.

No worries. Everyone has to start somewhere, whether it’s BMX, skating, mountain biking or anything else, and better to learn now than never learn at all. It’s time to put that shiny new BMX into action – and these videos from Kevin Porter should help you out!

How to Do a Basic BMX Manual


Basic BMX Tricks – the BMX manual: Probably one of the funnest and most essential tricks in any BMX rider’s arsenal, a manual involves balancing the bike on the back wheel without pedalling, and can be brilliant for linking other more complex tricks together in a line.

How to Do a Basic BMX Bunny Hop


Basic BMX Tricks – the BMX Bunny Hop: An essential for progressing to next level jumps and tricks, the bunny hop allows you to jump your bike off the ground, both wheels leaving the floor at the same time.


How to Do a Basic BMX 180 Bunny Hop


Basic BMX Tricks – 180 Bunny Hop: Another key trick for both taking basic tricks to the next level and for combining in a line, the 180 bunny hop allows you to turn 180 degrees while in the air.


How to Do a Basic BMX Bronco Bunny Hop


Basic BMX Tricks – BMB Bronco: This is basically a bunny hop where the front wheel comes up first, making it easier to jump over objects.

How to Do a Basic BMX Wheelie


Basic BMX Tricks – Wheelie: The basic wheelie is where you lift the front wheel off the ground and balance on the back wheel while still pedalling.

How to Do a Basic BMX 360 Bunny Hop


Basic BMX Tricks – 360 Bunny Hop: You’re getting this now, aren’t you? Just the same as a 180 Bunny Hop… But a 360 instead. Nailed it.

How to Do a Basic BMX Jump


Basic BMX Tricks – BMX Jump: Exactly what it says on the tin. What does the tin say, you ask? It says… well… basic BMX jump.


How to Do a Basic BMX One-Footer


Basic BMX Tricks – BMX One-Footer: Sticking a foot out during a standard jump. Should be easy when you’ve got the jump nailed!

How to Do a Basic BMX Hip Jump


Basic BMX Tricks – BMX hip jump: How to jump a standard BMX hip.


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