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Bear Grylls Running Wild – Everything You Need To Know

Bear Grylls Running Wild – The Series Guide

In 2014, The Island presenter, survival expert, adventurer, and intrepid explorer Bear Grylls took his American television career to a whole new level with the release of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the no-holds- barred celebrity adventure series which was produced by American television network NBC. 2015 saw the return of the series for nine brand new episodes, in which Bear again travelled with a host of familiar faces to some of the World’s most remote and extreme locations for a trip they would never forget.

In case you haven’t got round to watching the show (in which case, where have you been for the last two years?), or if you just want a quick reminder, here’s a brief summary of the two series to whet your appetite/jog your memory (delete as applicable).

Series One

Episode One: Zac Efron

“What is that? Swimming through water? Is that a beaver? I think it’s a beaver!” Zac Efron

Deep in the north-east Appalachian wilderness, High School Musical star Zac Efron joins Bear on a perilous parachute jump into the backwoods. They collect worms, which they will cook and eat in the cave they take shelter in for the night. ‘Bromance’ blossoms, and the two become firm friends.

Episode Two: Ben Stiller

“Next time, let’s go to the Bahamas.” Ben Stiller

Bear is joined by comedy legend Ben Stiller on a trip to the the Isle of Skye off the northern coast of Scotland. They use ropes to climb down some difficult terrain. They forage for food on the seashore, however Ben draws the line at eating limpets. Later they take shelter in a cave, where they find clear, drinkable water.

Episode Three: Channing Tatum

“This is actually awesome!” Channing Tatum

Actor Channing Tatum accompanies Bear on a two-day expedition in Yosemite National Park. Their journey begins with a helicopter ride, both doing backflips into the water when they reach their drop-off point. They travel 14 miles through dense forest to reach their destination, killing and eating both a scorpion and a rattlesnake which they come across on along the way.

Episode Four: Tom Arnold

“I’m a bit too old to be proud of myself, but I was for a bit.” Tom Arnold

Bear is joined by actor and comedian Tom Arnold on an adventure through the mountains of Oregon. After a long helicopter ride to an isolated forest, they hike a long way through the woodland. Now near a river, they catch and kill a trout, which they enjoy cooking over a campfire at the end of the first day. Later Tom confronts his fear of heights as they rappel down a 60 foot rocky cliff.

Episode Five: Tamron Hall

“The sound of rocks crumbling down the side… That’s scary.” Tamron Hall

The Today Show anchor Tamron Hall explores the wild Utah desert with Bear. They rappel from a helicopter, then down a cliff. Bear finds a dead squirrel, guts it, and places it in Tamron’s backpack. Later, they set up camp, and cook and eat the squirrel, before settling down for the night.

Episode Six: Deion Sanders

“I can’t punk out now. Not in front of my kids.” Deion Sanders

Retired NFL all-star Deion Sanders joins Bear in the southern Utah desert for the finale episode of the series. Deion has a fear of snakes, which causes a hindrance throughout their journey. They encounter a wild snake, forcing Deion to confront his fears. Later Bear cooks the snake for their evening meal.

Series Two

Episode One: Kate Hudson

“Urgh, that’s disgusting!” Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, actress and daughter of Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn, joins Bear for an adventure in the Italian Dolomites. They rappel down the side of a mountain, explore some World War Two era tunnels deep within the rock, and catch, kill and cook pigeon. They also eat some ants, much to Kate’s disgust.

Episode Two: Jesse Ferguson

“I am wondering why Bear is making me go first. I think it’s because he’s scared.” Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Bear for a trip to the Italian Alps. Using ropes and sheer endurance, they hike to the summit of a snowy peak, at one stage crossing a perilously narrow ridge. They build a snow cave, and eat the leg of a frozen goat they have found by chance.

Episode Three: Kate Winslet

“I’m off to wash my bra. You think I’m joking, don’t you?” Kate Winslet

Quintessential English rose Kate Winslet joins Bear for an adventure through the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia. They para-motor above the rocky terrain. Later, they battle against windy conditions to set up camp, and swim in the icy sea. After Bear compels Kate to eat worms, she tricks him into believing she has food poisoning.

Episode Four: Ed Helms

“The fire went fantastic. We have a hell of a fire… I hope it hasn’t spread.” Ed Helms

Star of The Daily Show Ed Helms joins Bear in the mountains of Colorado, where Ed is forced to conquer his fear of heights when he freezes on a rope while rappelling down a cliff. After they construct a camp using some of the surrounding trees, the pair settle down to eat the squirrel which they have cooked on the fire.

Episode Five: Michelle Rodriguez

“If Bear wasn’t holding that rope I think I would’ve slipped off.” Michelle Rodriguez

Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez goes yomping – meaning marching with full kit – in the Arizona desert. They rappel some 500 feet down to the canyon floor, and Bear admits to being scared. After using a rope to negotiate a tiny crevice, they prepare a meal of mice stewed in their own urine.

Episode Six: James Marsden

“Buffalo Berry tea. It’s supposed to help with constipation, and VD. So I’m all set now.” James Marsden

Bear travels by helicopter to Rattle Snake Canyon, Utah, with X-Men star James Marsden. After being dropped onto one of the highest arches in the area, they are forced to rappel down the narrow canyons before climbing the towering cliffs on the opposite side. They catch lizards, which they later eat.

Episode Seven: Michael Jordan

“I see this mountainside that I’m getting ready to scale, and it doesn’t look easy at all.” Michael B. Jordan

The Wire actor Michael B. Jordan joins Bear for an adventure in the beautiful, windswept Welsh countryside, where he eats boiled worms and sleeps using a sheep as a pillow. The pair also battle heavy rainfall, and explore a dangerous underground passage, before scaling a perilous mountainside.

Episode Eight: Drew Brees

“I don’t know how I ended up having to, basically, wrestle with a crocodile. I know it’s certainly not something that’s in my football contract.” Drew Brees

Super Bowl-winning American Football star Drew Brees joins Bear for an adventure in Panama’s Camino de Cruces jungle, during which he tackles and eats a crocodile. They also paddle along a river in a rustic canoe hewn from a tree trunk, and practice their rappelling skills while exploring some treacherous caves.

Episode Nine (Special): Barack Obama

‘This has got to be one of the best days of my presidency. First of all, I’m not in the office. Second of all, ‘I’m not wearing a suit.’ President Barack Obama

In this special episode, Bear faces perhaps his greatest challenge yet – keeping his cool while teaching the President of the United States the skills you need to survive in one of the world’s coldest wildernesses, as President Barack Obama joins him on an expedition to Alaska. Along the way they see the effects of climate change up close, eat raw salmon, and discuss how Obama balances leading the free world with ordinary family life.

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