10 Massive Cliff Diving Videos That Might Just Give You A Serious Case Of Vertigo

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Screenshot: Cliff Life (YouTube).

Cliff jumping, cliff diving, Cliffhanger – the 1993 action film starring Slyvester Stallone; whatever you want to call it, it’s definitely not an activity for the faint-hearted. You need courage, that’s a given, you need some water to dive into, obviously, and you also need to know that your body isn’t going to completely disintegrate when you hit the water. Some people love jumping off cliffs. They love the rush, the adrenaline, and the feeling of total invincibility that courses through their veins when they surface from beneath the water. Other people don’t, and that’s fine.

Whether you’re a cliff jumping enthusiast, a Cliff Richard enthusiast, or just someone who’s looked up and taken photographs of a cliff while walking on a nice beach somewhere; we think you’ll definitely find these videos enjoyable and/or genuinely terrifying. If you suffer from full-on vertigo, or have ever felt a bit funny going down the spiral staircases at pizza restaurants, there’s a good chance these cliff diving clips will give you the wobbles. Consider yourself well and truly warned.

1) Laso Schaller’s 59-Metre Cliff Jump

Rumour has it that Laso Schaller is actually the bravest man who’s ever lived. And while we don’t like to deal in rumour and conspiracy, here at Mpora, when you watch videos like the one above it’s easy to see why many film buffs think that casting Mel Gibson instead of Laso Schaller for the title role in Braveheart was the biggest oversight in movie history.

Laso’s 59-metre jump, into a small pool of water in Switzerland, is pretty much guaranteed to make your stomach flip. The point-of-view footage of the jump, that’s actually higher than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, will have you watching the screen nervously between your fingers. Incredibly, Laso is recorded as hitting the water at an eye-popping 123km/h. The fact that he walks away from this remarkable leap unhurt is enough to leave you, and the scientists you know, questioning the fundamental basics of physics all over again.

2) Cliff Diving At Rick’s Cafe, Jamaica

There’s a lot of things we’d be willing to do in exchange for $20, but hurling ourselves off a platform approximately 80-foot off the water, in front of a big crowd of people, with a large number of dangerous rocks sitting ominously below the surface is probably not first on our list of things we’d be willing to do. Tell that to Spider, who works at Rick’s Cafe on the island of Jamaica, and he’d laugh at you while stuffing big wads of tourist money into his pockets.

Spider, who is actually a human-man rather than an eight-legged arachnid, is apparently more than happy to hurl himself into the water while holding your GoPro (in exchange for money). You get the footage, he gets the dollar; everyone’s a winner. We can only presume that someone else, called Butterfly or something, serves the people down in the cafe their food (while all these vertigo-inducing shenanigans are happening).

3) Vermont Cliff Jumping //110 Foot Cliff Jump

“10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…you got that…YOU GOT THAT! Yerghh…YEAAAAH! You good? WOOO! Yeah buddy. Say something to the fans.”

Maybe it’s just our delicate, English, floppy Hugh Grant ears but this video of someone cliff jumping into a water-filled quarry in Vermont has a distinctly American sound to it. When the cliff-jumping dude surfaces, he lets out the type of primal roar that we Brits only tend to let off when we’ve stubbed our toe on the kitchen table. Huge props to the guy for having the balls to jump though. 110 feet? 110 FEET?! You got that. YOU GOT THAT, BUDDY.

4) 12-Year-Old Boy Jumps At Lake Mohave

Some parents wrap their kids up in cotton wool, and refuse to let them go out and have fun on the off-chance that they’ll graze their knees or sniff up too much pollen into their face. “Their knees are sensitive”, they’ll tell you, “…they get really bad hayfever.”

Some parents are different. Some parents like to push the boundaries, and put Health and Safety Inspectors across the country into a permanent state of nervousness. These parents will send their kids up big rocks at Lake Mohave, and openly encourage them to jump off (even if their kid’s hesitancy suggests they’re reluctant to do so).

If you can’t bring yourself to watch this because you’re worried about seeing a 12-year-old boy hurt themselves, don’t worry. He eventually jumps and, much to the relief of everyone involved, absolutely nails it.

5) 105-Foot Double Backflip (“World Record”)

Question. How do you make a 105-foot jump into some water even more gnarly? Answer. By throwing, not one but, two whole backflips into the equation. Two! Two backflips. It boggles the mind just thinking about it.

Needless to say, the lads involved are absolutely stoked to bits when the stunt comes off. Whatever your name is, and whatever you’ve seen with your eyes, there can be no denying that this cliff-jumping effort is the perfect mixture of style, flair, skill, and courage. It also, according to the labelling on YouTube, claims to be a world record. Hats off to all involved. Standing ovation. Jolly good show.

Remember that next time you’re working on a spreadsheet and looking to spice things up a bit, throw a couple of “backies” into the mix and watch your street cred go through the roof.

6) Group Cliff Dive Into The Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

You know that old saying about “too many cooks spoil a broth,” well what about the never-before-used saying “too many cliff divers in Mexico make a cliff diving video even better.” Before you shoot us down to loser town and tell us that’s a rubbish saying, check out the video above and everything will suddenly become clearer.

This group cliff dive, shot at the Ik Kil Cenote, makes for a truly stunning watch. Due to the increased number of divers and the enclosed landing zone, the elevated risk factor seems obvious even before it’s kindly explained to us in the voiceover. A beautiful setting for a cliff dive; that top-down camera angle as the divers throw themselves into the air is the type of thing that dreams are made of.

7) Cliff Diving In Texas – Red Bull World Series 2015

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has built up quite a reputation in recent years, and with good reason. The events are a spectacular demonstration of skill and courage, and the huge jumps that feature always take place in some truly astonishing surroundings.

The Texas edition of the 2015 World Series, as this highlight reel demonstrates, proved to be no exception to the form book. This particular event really did live up to the classic t-shirt slogan: “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”

8) Bungee Cliff Jumping In New Zealand

Whether you’re a massive nerd for Lord of the Rings or not, New Zealand is an essential destination for anyone who loves action sports and adventure. This epic, and seriously entertaining, video is precisely what happens when you bring together the adrenaline-filled worlds of cliff jumping and bungee jumping, and then throw in about 383 spoonfuls of childish tomfoolery for good measure.

DevinSuperTramp certainly has previous in the action sports and adventure department, of course. The viral videos regularly served up by his YouTube channel are consistently fun to watch. That being said, when you actually turn off the feel-good music and properly look at the stunts in this one…well, it’s enough to make your insides feel all queasy.

9) Cliff Jumping Hawaii

You know how it is. You go through a whole seven cliff-diving videos, with accompanying editorial, without any DevinSuperTramp to be seen and then BAM…two DevinSuperTramp cliff-diving videos come along at once.

This one is set in Hawaii. Unsurprisingly, because it’s Hawaii for goodness sake, the location turns every single cliff-jump featured (and there are some massive ones here) into the type of video content that immediately makes you want to pack your bags, charter the nearest rowing boat, and paddle all the way to paradise. Wanderlust? Yeah, just a bit.

10) Cliff Diving – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cliff diving off a bridge, you say? Surely, if we’re being sensible about these things, that would make this a bridge diving video rather than a cliff diving video? Surely?! No. Look. Listen. It wouldn’t, ok. It just wouldn’t. This video is a highlight reel from a Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. And, I mean, who are we to argue with Red Bull?

If you’ve already watched the video, you’ll have noticed that the bridge is seriously high up. Would we willingly jump off this bridge? Hmmmm. It’s a good question. Let me just pop outside for some air. We’ll answer that question when we get back.

*goes outside, hails taxi, and is never seen again*

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