Shorts For Fitness

If you want to stay cool in hotter weather, it's time to flash those pins. But don't just pull on any old shorts, make sure you choose those designed for your sport of choice. The added features, such as zips for your keys when running, sweat-wicking fabric and flexible seams for range of movement in the gym, and padded bums for cyclists, will make life much comfier for your nether regions.

Click right for our favourite men's and women's shorts for running, gym training and cycling.

Under Armour Men's Running Shorts

UA Launch 2-in-1 Shorts, £35, Under Armour

These clever little numbers have compression shorts underneath the run shorts. Compression can aid with recovery time and make your legs feel more powerful, while the run shorts protect, err, your modesty.

New Balance Women's Running Shorts

New Balance Print Shorts, £22, Sweatshop 

With an internal pocket for your keys/phone/loose change while you’re out running these super light shorts also feature inbuilt briefs – handy if it suddenly gets windy out.

Nike dri-fit training shorts

Nike Dri-Fit Touch Men's Training Shorts, £38, Nike

Made from soft, stretchy fabric, these shorts won't restrict you mid-lunge. They're also sweat-wicking, so less of the post-gym perspiration patches.

Nike Pro women's training shorts

Nike Pro 7.5cm Vixen Training Shorts, £23, Nike

We hope you've waxed! Yes, they're short, but these training shorts are also flattering –promise. The flat seams, waist band, and snug fit, mean they don't slip around when you're training either.

Castelli cycling bib shorts

Castelli Velocissimo Due Bib Shorts, £99.99. Wiggle

These lightweight shorts have reflective panels on the back for safety, and zero chance of flashing accidental bum crack. The best attribute though is the Kiss Air seat pad, like sitting on a cloud of unicorn's breath.

Sweaty Betty cycling shorts

Chase Cycle Shorts, £55, Sweaty Betty

If you fancy a change from boring black, these snazzy little beauts could be just up your cycle path. The padded seat panel is designed specifically for women, and should keep you comfy on medium to longish rides.