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There's nothing quite like the feeling of getting your hand on a shiny sports medal is there? Medals are a sign of a job well done, a way to let the world know that you're a winner (unless the medal's a runners-up medal, in which case...err...yeah...good effort). Anyway, medals. Medals are brilliant.

One place that shares our love of medals is the London-based kebab shop BabaBoom. Founded by an ultra-marathon runner named Travis, a top 30 finisher at the London Marathon named Eve, and a keen ski-tourer named Jono; BabaBooom is, and we've done literally no research to back this up, surely the capital's sportiest kebab emporium.

Photo via BabaBoomLondon (Instagram).

BabaBoom Kebabs London

To celebrate the start of the World Athletics Championships, which is on at East London's Olympic Stadium between the 4th and 13th of August, BabaBoom are turning their Medal Mondays into Medal Win-days. What does this mean for you exactly? Well, put simply, it means you should be cheering for GB athletes louder than ever because any day when a GB athlete wins a medal you can head on down to BabaBoom with your own medal and then show it to them in exchange for a free side with your kebab.

Flash your sporting medal, with a beaming look of pride on your face, and make your choice between dukkah fries, Nurbourne Tomato Tabbouleh, chargrilled corn with Aleppo chili and lime butter, and garlic and kashkaval flatbread.  BabaBoom kebabs are award-winning, and made from a combination of fresh British ingredients and punchy Middle Eastern flavours.

BTW. Mo Farah is scheduled to run in the 10k final tonight, and the 5k final (if he gets through the heat) on Saturday August the 12th. Perfect timing, we think you'll agree, for Friday/Saturday night kebabs with complimentary side. Go find your medals, people. Find your medals!

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