Peta, the masters of controversial vegetarianism, are at it again...

The animal activism group that recently linked meat eaters to famous serial killers and called eating meat as a 'holocaust on a plate,' have released a shiny new video ahead of the Superbowl.

The NSFW (we found that out the hard way) video says that eating meat causes erectile dysfunction and vegans have way better sex then their carnivore counterparts.

So basically if you like steak, that means you're probably shit in bed....


The ad will show during this year's major NFL game, so it's probably a good shout to go with something other than harrowing pictures of animal cruelty.

But playing this particular choice to a stadium of drunk, angry football fans, tucking into their half time hot dogs? Bold move Peta, bold move....

It's definitely going to ruffle some tail feathers but personally, we think it's pretty hilarious.

Watch it here: