Photo: Impossible Foods

Whether you're a carnivore or not, we all know that meat isn't exactly great for the planet.

The meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all of the cars, planes, boats and trains in the world. It's not good for your body either if you eat too much of it.

There are plenty of vegetarian burgers out there, but as any former meat eater will tell you, they just don't replicate beef burgers in taste or texture. Well, until now.

Photo: Impossible Foods

American food company Impossible Foods have made a vegan burger that actually tastes like meat.

The Impossible Burger is made of plants only, but it bleeds, sizzles and even smells like real meat.

Patrick Brown, a Stanford University professor, came up with this magic formula by taking a molecule called heme (which comes from haemoglobin in blood). Heme is what makes meat taste, well, meaty.

Brown and his team manage to extract this plant protein from the roots of vegetables and created this blood-like sauce which is used to make the vegan burgers. Watch the video below and see what we mean.

Photo: Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods want to shake up the meat industry and offer people an alternative to meat - without sacrificing flavour.

Plenty of people will be a bit grossed out by the thought of blood from plants flavouring food. But if it saves the planet? Then it might not be that bad after all.