Cowspiracy Animal Agriculture Environment Damge

Our planet is dying - and there's one industry that is causing more destruction on the planet than any other.

From Amazon deforestation, water pollution to greenhouse gases and species extinction, it might surprise you to hear that the animal agricultural industry is the worst offender when it comes to destroying our planet.

Yep, the meat industry as well as the milk, cheese, butter and eggs that you buy in the supermarket are all contributing to the most damaging effects our planet has ever seen.

"Animal agriculture industry produce more greenhouses gases than all the transportation in the world - combined"

51 per cent of greenhouses gases are produced by animal agriculture (compared to a mere 13 per cent from transportation). We are the seeing the biggest extinction of species on the earth in 65 million years.

This shocking 90 second video comes from the makers of Cowspiracy, a groundbreaking documentary that changed the way people looked at the food industry. Watch it - it might just change your mind for good.

We spoke to the man behind the documentary, Kip Andersen, last year. Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix here.