About The Indestructibles

In each episode The Indestructibles team are dropped in an epic location, where they have to take inspiration from their surroundings and dream up stunts that seem impossible. With only three days, two props and limited cash to build and test their creations, they must also convince an athlete from the world of action sports to take on their daring challenge.  They may succeed, they may fail but it’s laughs all the way until the clock stops.  One things for certain, The Indestructibles never give up,  and they do it with style.

You can catch up with all of the Team’s antics on our YouTube Channel

Episode 1 – Bouncing Bombs

Given a massive zip-line and an inflatable Zorb Tim and Gendle dream up the hair brained idea of trying to bounce a man across a lake and into a target dam-busters style. With just 3 days to pull it off they’ll need to work out how to safely attach the Zorb and realise it into the water at speed without killing the stunt man inside. Easy, errr not exactly.

Episode 2 – Rickshaw Wreckers

Given just 3 days and £1000 to pull off a spectacular moment, Tim and Gendle are on a mission to take downhill mountain bike racing to the next level by adding more wheels. With an idiotic plan to modify and race a clapped out 3 wheeled Rickshaw and some 4 wheeled toy trucks it’s going to take a small miracle to find an athlete skilful and brave enough to take on the punishing track.

Episode 3 – Parkour Apocalypse

In this episode Tim and Gendle become Action Sport film directors as they realise their dream of creating a Zombi vs Parkour chase scene to die for. Given a creepy abandoned building, £1000 and just three days the clock is ticking as they set out to create movie magic with the crew from 3Run Parkour and a crack stunt team. It’s sugar glass and false walls all the way as the cameras roll.

Episode 4 – No Snow – No Problem

In this episode we take the concept of MULTI-TERRAIN board sports and push them to their absolute limits. How big can you go on a set of retro grass skies? What’s the most insane thing you can do on a dry slop? From high speed slaloms on grass to an attempt at the worlds very first dry ski loop the loop it will be an epic thrill ride all the way down.


Episode 5 – Hole in One

In this episode our presenters are inspired by a game of Top Golf where the objective is to fire a ball into a target down range. Replace balls with bikes, clubs with a selection of ramps and take the action to a lake littered with targets and you’ve got yourself a game of Human Hole in One. To get the visuals we need to go big on those ramps, building them and finding the right riders in time will be critical.


Episode 6 – Marble Run

Dropped into a downhill bike park Tim and Gendle want to create a human marble run using motorbikes and riders wearing zorbs. With the team calling insanity Tim and Gendle are determined to create carnage as long as they can find riders crazy enough to take on the challenge. With 3 days on the clock and only £1000 the countdown is on to marble mayhem. Can our skilled riders race downhill while wearing zorbs? Probably not…

Episode 7 – Abandoned BMX

This week we want to go big on a BMX. Back flips, rail rides, massive ramps and bomb drops are the name of the game as Tim and Gendle are given just three days and a grand to turn this weeks location, an derelict building, into BMX bike heaven. With the clock ticking it will be down to Joe and the build team to construct the ultimate BMX set up suitable for our star athlete.

Episode 8 – Gimme Some Skim

Inspired by the world of Wakeboarding, Tim and Gendle want to find a new way to skim across the surface of a lake in style. In a life sized game of skipping stones they use everything from car bonnets to a modified ringo we like to call a Wingo to explore the various ways to skim across water. Cue the disastrous results.

Episode 9 – Drift off to Sleep

Drift Car racing strikes the perfect blend between science and thrilling action. In this episode Tim and Gendle are given an epic downhill location and 3 days to pull of a spectacular festival of drift. From highly tuned drift cars to modified drift trikes and a few DIY drift inventions curtsey of Joe, we go in search of the ultimate drift experience using nothing more than an empty road and our dear friend gravity. With speeds of up to 50 mph just inches away from the tarmac it’s going to test the skill and guts of our drivers to make it down in one piece.

Episode 10 – DIY Daredevils

This week the producers have given Tim and Gendle two wheelie bins full of junk and just three days to create a spectacular moment with a pro athlete. Tim’s bin is full of broken bike and skate parts, Gendle has nothing more than cardboard and gaffer tape. With no time to waste it’s off the workshop to get creating as Tim sets out to build a DIY BMX and Gendle wants to go big on a terrifying white water rapid.

Episode 11 – Will it Surf

The Ancient Hawaiians first invented surfing around 3000 years ago, making it by far the oldest of all the Action Sports. So after generations in the making you’d think that we’d pretty much cracked the perfect surfboard. In this episode we give Tim and Gendle 3 days and £1000 to find out in a spectacular game of “Will it Surf?” Who knows, we may even come up with a next level surfboard to add to the Hawaiians history book.

Episode 12 – The Best Of

This episode will be presented from the Workshop with Tim and Gendle looking back over the series. We’ll revisit the very best moments from our 11 stunts, the biggest wins, the biggest looses and all the bits you didn’t see first time around. I was thinking this could be presented like an awards ceremony with prizes for key moments (biggest blunder, biggest wipeout, most spectacular moment)


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