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The Best White Water Rafting Videos | 5 Incredible Clips

These clips are hilarious

White water rafting videos make for very entertaining watching. They let you see all the thrills and spills of racing through churning white water without the risk of falling into it.

White water rafting videos are also great for people that actually want to go white water rafting too. If bouncing down a river from rock to rock like a giant floating pinball is your kind of thing, then you can check out the utter insanity of this sport from the comfort and safety of your sofa and hopefully change your mind. If after all this white water rafting videos still don’t convince you to try another activity and you do give rafting a go, then you’ll also have something entertaining to watch while you’re lying in traction recovering from your trip.

When you’re white water rafting, try to remember that not being in control is part of the fun – Photo:

Seriously though, despite the seeming lack of control, rafting does look like great fun. Rocketing down a set of rapids, just on the edge of control and praying that you don’t hit anything too serious looks like one amazing rush. Top white water rafting videos like the ones below give you a real window into that thrilling ride, often with hilarious and jaw dropping results.

Man Over Board

White water rafting requires trust. You’re essentially putting your life in the hands of a few strips of nylon and some bloke at the back yelling at you to keep paddling, your guide might be the most experienced person on the river but that’s not much consolation when you’re sat with a load of amateurs all slapping the water about like a pack of epileptic seals. In a situation like this the last thing you want is the only person that knows what they’re doing to fall out of the boat…

But that’s exactly what happened to these white water rafters in Arizona. Thanks to the guide’s action cam you can watch his legs arc gracefully into shot as he flips over, 18ft in the air above his crew before splashing into the river. Seconds later he’s back in the boat and yelling again. What a pro.

Go Big Or Go Home

White water rafting has plenty of thrills and danger packed into it, but for some people the chance of smashing into rocks and getting sucked into whirlpools just isn’t enough, they need something even more extreme.

White water rafting maestro and big drop expert Dan McCain is one of those people, and he loves nothing more than to jump in a raft and plunge it off the nearest waterfall he can find. This white water rafting video shows Dan in action at the Mosier Falls, near his hometown of Portland in Oregon. Along with some equally insane mates, Dan and co take on the 70ft plunge down the two tier falls and somehow make it to the bottom in one piece.

Coming Through!

So you’re tumbling down a set of rapids, watching out for rocks, whirlpools and whatever else the river can throw at you. Everything that is except getting run over by another boat.

Thanks to some lackluster paddling by the guys in front coupled with a badly timed trough in the river, the lead raft gets steam rollered by the boat behind as it bounces off their heads instead of the water. This white water rafting video proves that you never know what to expect when you’re messing about on the river.

Bottoms Up

This video of white water rafting in the USA shows just how crazy and punishing rivers can be.

The water surrounding Three Rocks rapids in the Arkansas River, Colorado, is well known for chewing up and spitting out rafting trips, especially when the water level rises. Many sections of the Arkansas are closed to commercial trips or given higher gradings when the flow of the river exceeds 3200 cubic feet per second, but this clip shows rafters braving the water at 4150cfs. As you might expect this means plenty of boat flips and swimming lessons for the rafting tourists, who no doubt learned some important lessons about respecting the river that day.

White Water Rafting Video Masterclass

Devin Supertramp plus New Zealand, do we need to say anything more?

Devin, the Youtube king of making anything look cool, took a trip to New Zealand, the global capital of outdoor adventures for this white water rafting video. The results are exactly what you’d expect, a sun-drenched, white water roller coaster crammed full of laughs and stunts. This is what every white water rafting trip should be like!

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