moto 1

There are some edits that make you want to get back on your bike immediately. There are others than make you so glad to be a part of motocross you go outside and start stuffing your face with dirt, despite the fact it’ll probably make you projectile vomit later.

Some edits meanwhile make you appreciate how sick the pros really are, and others just leave you with a giant grin after watching some of the best in the world stomp jumps that you know for certain would leave you in hospital.

moto 2

This video comes from Derek Hallman. It’s an edit clipped together from some amazing moto moments from recent and past times, and it pretty much fits into all of the categories I’ve listed above. We seriously don’t advice that you eat any dirt though, no matter how overwhelming the urge may be.

Seriously, this edit is packed with so much style it should be designing suits for Armani. This, people, is why we love motocross – and we reckon after watching, you’ll definitely agree:

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