If you haven't heard of Arenacross yet, you've been missing out. Emerging in the United States, this thrilling new sport is the amateur offshoot of Supercross, which in turn is the indoor version of traditional motocross. But the difference is more than simply putting a roof over a dirt track. Supercross tracks are designed to fit into prestigious arenas, focussing the action within a relatively confined space compared with the tracks used in motocross.

In Arenacross the courses are even more downsized. This means they can be installed at venues such as basketball and football stadiums, so even small cities can accommodate them. Organizers use heavy construction equipment to create a range of specially designed slopes and obstacles to create a thrilling course from every vantage point. This video of the Head to Head bracket races at an event in Cincinnati is a superb example of the Arenacross experience.

Because Arenacross acts as the official feeder sport for Supercross, these events are a unique chance to watch the stars of tomorrow as they take their first steps in racing. All of the racers participating have everything to prove, and everything to gain, so the level of competition is intense. The size of the venues means that you'll always be right up close to the action. And with plenty of amazing jumps, tight corners and full-throttle speeds, the action is never in short supply.

The popularity of Arenacross is growing worldwide, with events across the USA, Canada and the UK. There has even been an Arenacross Baltic Cup held in Latvia and Lithuania. So watch the video and find out what all the excitement is about. It could be coming to a city near you soon.