We could be wrong on this one. We’ve not vigorously researched the archives and we weren’t there when it was first invented, but we’re still going to say with some confidence that the motorcycle was never intended for riding across lakes.

That’s normally what boats are for, but when the ice is frozen, we can see why people might want to give it a go. It certainly looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

moto 1

The thing is, when you're riding on ice, you have to remember certain things. For one, you're going to need more room to stop than you would on a road. Quite a bit more. It would seem that the riding duo above were not quite aware of this.

Now, if you're cruising across an ice lake at 50/60mph, this might not be such an issue, but these dudes were out trying to hit 100mph when the front-runner got completely bucked into a big pile of snow.

Plus sides? He smoked his mate and he managed to walk away from a potentially serious crash. Downsides? His head must hurt, his bike probably isn’t in the best shape, and the entire internet is now laughing in his face.

Ah well. You win some, you lose some.

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