Photo: Red Bull/Screenshot

Drake McElroy is a bit of a legend. The dude got a bike for his first birthday and raced for the first time when he was four years old. By 2001, Drake was on the No Fear motocross team, riding freestyle, and by 2002, he had an X-Games bronze medal.

Since then, the rider has established himself as one of the most stylish, creative and respected athletes in the world of MX, playing a huge part in the progression of the scene to where it is today.

His latest input into the world of the motorbike? The opening instalment of new Red Bull series ‘Moto Soul’, which takes a look into the lives and passions of the men behind the handlebars.

The team visit the Black Rock desert, a dry lake with 120 miles of historic trails featuring lava beds, alkali flats and other crazy terrain perfect for Drake to show off his shred. The best of the shredding is back on the home dirt jumps though, which plain and simple, look ridiculously fun.

There’s plenty of action, plenty of fun, and plenty of reasons to love the motocross lifestyle:

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