What to Moto Cross riders do when the snow falls and things get a bit too slippy and fally-offy on the ground for their bikes? Back in the day, they used to switch straight over to a snow mobile.

However, your traditional snow mobiles can be a little heavy when the dude riding it is thinking of hitting a backflip of a wind lip. So, what's the solution? Making a snow bike, of course!

"the possibilities are endless..."

In text-book Why-Didn't-I-Think-Of-That style, it's basically a traditional Moto Cross bike, with a dirty great big track where the back wheel was, and a single fat ski replacing the front wheel.

They lose a little horse power compared to a traditional snow mobile, but their light weight build means that they're much more manoeuvrable.

And for "more manoeuvrable" read "easer to do really insane, flippy shit on".


Cue Ronnie Renner and his pals heading out to the back country in Idaho, USA and blasting about, seeing that this bikes could handle.

They may still be Sled Necks, but this looks like it could blow up to be one of the big players in the chilly end of action sports.

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