The boards have been waxed, the fireworks primed, and the $1,600-an-hour masseurs booked. That's right, it's time for the Aspen X Games.

That's right, the artist formerly known as Winter X is upon us, and the worlds best snow-based action sports athletes, music stars, and slightly over-the-top commentators are all in one place to bring us one of the highlights of the action sports calendar.

But what do you really know about the X Games? And we mean REALLY know about them? Do you know the hottest Big Air Jump in X Games History? Or how many people watched the 2011 games, compared to how many went to Live 8?

Of course you don't. Why would you? They're shit facts you'll never need to know. And we've got ten of them. So sit back, and think of Shaun White...

I know. We're good to you. Too good.

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