Horse surprise

In adventure sports, as in life in general, there are many blink and you'll miss it moments.

But thanks to the wonders of photography we can freeze time and take in that picturesque sunset, the gently falling snowflakes or the way your best mate coughs up his drink when he laughs too hard.

Where would we be without the ability to take shots like this eh?

1) A perfectly timed photo can tell a whole story...

Lion Surprise

2) Or it can just sum up one truly insane moment

Plane Eject

3) It can make you laugh

Milk laugh

4) Or cry (then laugh a bit)


5) It can give animals martial arts skills...

Cat Kung Fu

6) Or super powers

Dog fire

7) Really weird super powers

Cow Fart

8) Well timed photos can make anything seem more epic

Epic Wave

9) And make epic things hilarious

Helicopter drop

10) Perfectly timed pics can be works of art

Dandelion Sunset

11) And convey feelings...

Bubble pop

12) Such as abject horse-based terror!

Horse surprise 2

13) They can help you figure out where things went wrong...

Dress fall

14) wrong

Quad bike fail

15) And help you to avoid embarrassing situations in the future

Barman legs

16) Awesomely-timed photos let us see who we really are

Tennis wimps

17) How we cope under pressure

Coke to face

18) Or face inevitable defeat

Bike fail

19) And deal with everything that life throws at us

Water baloon

20) These little moments

Water splash

21) Point to the bigger picture

Plane Sugar Loaf 2

22) Helping us realise that life is meant to be shared

Pie to face

23) And that we should make the most of every second of it.

Silhouette Kiss

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