So, 14 year old Chloe Kim became the youngest ever winner of a Winter X Games gold earlier in the year. Just let that sink in for a second... 14 years old, and already on the top spot of what many consider to be the biggest annual snowboarding comp anywhere on the globe.

But, worryingly, 14 is positively ancient compared to some mini rippers. Kids are getting into action sports at earlier and earlier ages now.

Maybe this is because the kids that were shredding in the 80's and 90's are now popping offsprings out themselves, and are itching to get them on a board or bike to share their sport.

Or maybe because action sports are a multi million dollar industry these days, and parents think starting their sprog early is playing the financial security long game.

All we know for certain is, these kids are amazing...

Meet Sky. She's 6 years old, can skate, surf, and is an absolute viral sensation.

At such a young age, she's already ripping on a couple of boards much harder than kids three times her age. Seriously, when you were 18, did you ave disasters down like this little shredder?

The only question that remains about Sky, is whether there's a board sport that she can't master. Get her on snow, and she could trouble Chloe for her record.

Last year, this video of Jackson Goldstone smacked the internet around the face.

10 years old when it was shot, the young Canadian made destroying Mountain Bike trails look like a leisurely ride in the park.

He already has a wardrobe full of awards and medals, having breezed through numerous regional championships. If he keeps on progressing, now aged just 11, there's no reason why he can't dominate the MTB game for years to come.

Most board sports are tricky to get into, but surfing is a whole other level. Learning to surf is often more akin to learning to drown.

However, that's not the case for Cassius Iddings. This kindergarten Kelly Slater was only two and a half when his dad shot this video of the two of them surfing off the coast of San Diego, USA.

Getting those skills in early can only mean that Cassius has a future as bright as a kook's spray on tan.

Lennox Chell has more style than most of the other guys in the line up, irrespective of who's in the the water with him.

What makes this extra remarkable, is that he's only 11 years old. To be riding with such poise, and flow, while holding himself with so much steeze is the kind of thing you still only occasionally get with surfers twice his age.

It's no wonder than surf giants Quiksilver snapped Lennox up with a four year pro contract a little while back.

At 12 years old, Kelly Sildaru is already well on the way to becoming the queen of women's ski slopestyle.

She's already hitting gigantic kickers that dwarf her, and has a rail game that's razor sharp. It's no wonder that the likes of K2, RedBull and Nike have already got her to sign on the dotted line.

If that's not enough, Kelly's eight year old brother, Henry, also crops up in this edit as well. It kind of makes you question what their parents were feeding them when they were babies!

The Flying Squirrel - or Quincy Simons as her loved ones call her, is the six year old surfer from Australia who many are tipping to become the next big thing.

She first started riding when she was four, and has come on ridiculously in the past two years. She started because her dad would go off surfing, leaving her at home with her mom, but Quincy wanted some of the action and demanded he took her with him next time he went.

It proved to be a good call, and she's now riding waves twice as tall as her, and with more style than most people can only dream of.

Pretty rad, right? Well, it turns out that she's also a monster on the skateboard as well. Dropping into bowls that would give most fully grown adults the fear, Quincy takes it all in her stride.

Meet Jake and Theo Riddle. They're a pair of five year old twins from New Zealand that are melting the internet with their awesome BMX edits.

They first came to our attention last year when a video emerged of them both ripping around a concrete skate park. Just a few days ago the brothers - now aged five - dropped this dirt jump vid, whey they fly around getting incredible air.

Seriously, it's hard for your jaw not to hit the deck when they start swapping transitions like it's absolutely nothing. Stunning stuff.